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10 Reasons Why Couples Vacation at Footprints Resort

//10 Reasons Why Couples Vacation at Footprints Resort

10 Reasons Why Couples Vacation at Footprints Resort

A man sitting, a woman laying with her head in his lap outside.

A couple lounging together in nature.

Surely, there are more reasons than this to vacation at Footprints Couples Resort, but most guests seem to fit into one of these categories.


Rest – Footprints is the perfect place to catch your breath. Sleep in, don’t set an alarm and do nothing if that’s what your body needs.


Romance – No distractions so you can focus on your partner. Plan a little romantic surprise, hold hands and stare into each other’s eyes again like you used to.


Celebration – Whether it’s a milestone or promotion, you deserve it. Birthday, anniversary, promotion at work or whatever you are celebrating, we’d be honored if you do so with us!


Revitalization – Take stock, breath, plan. Sometimes we have to get outside our stale little world to let ideas form and take hold, and to feel revitalized and ready to conquer the world.


Exercise – Move in ways your body has forgotten it can. Walk, hike, bike, swim, and paddle, and get your blood pumping.


Eat Well – take time to plan and eat nutritious meals. There is plenty of time to create healthy meals, and enjoy them more when you’re not rushing out the door on your way to your next appointment.


Party – A space where you can whoop it up. Let’s face it: we’re adults and want to let our hair down once in a while, and at Footprints, we understand.


Reward- You’ve been good this year, reward yourselves! What more can we say? You know you deserve it!


Seasonal Enjoyment – What’s your favorite season – spring, summer or fall? Get out in the spring after a winter trapped indoors. Bask in the warmth of the sun during summer. Enjoy the fall colors coming to life around our resort in October.


Child Free – No reason to edit your conversations or stifle PDA. Sometimes we need to be kids ourselves and just can’t let loose when our kids are nearby. Send the kids to camp and enjoy some time to yourselves.


As you can see, the reasons to vacation at Footprints Resort are numerous. Where do you fit into the list?

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