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Why the Privacy at Footprints?

//Why the Privacy at Footprints?

Why the Privacy at Footprints?

Privacy sign saying 'No Entry unless PreRegistered

You’ve booked your holiday, driven all day to arrive, only to realize there’s no sign at the road or other indicators that you’ve arrived at Footprints Resort. Why is that, you might ask. A sign at the road encourages drop-ins, which we try to avoid. Especially in the winter months when we are closed to the public but still on the grounds preparing for the next season.


Being a small boutique resort, we don’t have full-time office staff to greet unscheduled visitors. Having Drop-Ins interrupts and distracts us from our work at hand, which is paramount to running the resort.


We are open from Victoria Day in May until the end of October. In our 6 month season, about a third of it is booked by private groups. These include  weddings, corporate events and private takeovers like yoga and wellness retreats. Imagine planning your event, counting on the privacy of the space, only to have unknown people driving in and interrupting your event. Part of the appeal at our resort is the private nature of the space.


In the past, we have hosted a Corporate takeover where the business was introducing a new product to their employees. Our staff was required to sign a Non Disclosure agreement. Imagine how upset they would be about an unexpected arrival in their midst!


Footprints hosted a beautiful wedding last summer and the ceremony was held in the grassy, treed area beside the driveway. If an unexpected guest were to arrive, they would be driving right past the ceremony. I’m sure no bride wants that to happen.


Additionally, we go to great lengths to keep our actual address private as well. We always send out a confirmation letter with the address to registered guests. This warns there are no signs at the road and directs them to watch for our address marker, rather than looking for a Footprints sign. We hope this is sufficient to help direct you to our location and has done so for the last several years that we have owned and operated this resort.


Perhaps in time, this will change, but for now, we hope you understand why we do it this way. It has worked well for both our peace of mind and for those who appreciate the privacy of our beautiful, boutique resort.

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