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Setting the Record Straight

//Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight

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As host of Footprints Resort, I greet arriving guests, give them a short tour and check them into their room. The positive reaction upon seeing our beautiful grounds is often the same, as we round the corner of the lounge and the lake comes into view. After city life and a long drive, the peaceful tranquility that is Footprints seems to affect many of us in the same way: instant relaxation.

Many guests arrive without really knowing or understanding what we’re all about. It seems the “Adults Only” aspect of our resort, while desirable, seems to put a certain kind of expectation in the minds of some guests. We assure you we aren’t looking to attract naughty-minded guests, just those who want to relax away from family life. Nothing ruins the tranquility of our resort like children noises: laughter, arguing, whining and parents yelling at their kids. So the concept of Footprints is to enjoy your vacation without hearing or seeing family scenes. There are plenty of vacation destinations out there for families, and we wanted something a bit different.

Others arrive confused about the privacy we go to great lengths to uphold. There is no sign at the road to show you that you’ve arrived. There’s a purpose behind that as well, although there is another blog about that here. We just want to keep traffic on the resort to a minimum. And with only one host with multiple duties, it’s difficult to keep an eye on the driveway all the time to greet unscheduled guests.

Then there are those who question why the rooms have 2 queen beds. Just like most standard hotels, you can book a room with 1 king bed or 2 queen beds. We’re just following the industry standard. Yes, the rooms are small, but we only have what was already on the grounds when the owners purchased it, and short of knocking down the hotel block and rebuilding it, there’s not much we can do with the size of the rooms. We’re not overly concerned about the size though. The entire concept is that guests spend very little time in their room. Most guests utilize all of the outdoor spaces in their waking hours or head off-site for sightseeing, shopping or dining. They usually only sleep, shower and get dressed in their room, and otherwise, they aren’t in it much.

There’s also been some question about the bathrooms with the large, communal showers. When we added the cabins, we had to provide a washroom, so one of the rooms in the room block was converted. Unfortunately, again we had only a certain amount of space to create the most usable space. Individual showers were not viable, so we got what we could fit. We understand that some people dislike the communal aspect, and now have a separate shower facility with 4 individual shower stalls for privacy.

Someone even questioned the outdoor shower, and it’s implications. I say, if that’s how you think, then you surely must be of that mindset. Our outdoor shower is there primarily for dirty or sandy feet before heading into your room. I can tell you just how difficult it is to remove sand from the shower stalls, so having that outdoor shower is super handy after time spent on the beach.

We hope this helps alleviate any stress or negative thoughts you may be having about Footprints Resort. We are here to provide a relaxing, natural retreat where you can enjoy a child-free vacation and leave rejuvenated and ready for what life throws at you.

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