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Planning your Ontario Destination Wedding

//Planning your Ontario Destination Wedding

Planning your Ontario Destination Wedding

Wedding at Footprints

So you’re considering Footprints for your Destination Wedding? That’s great! Perhaps you have some questions or concerns. Perhaps this will help!


Q: Do I have to book the entire resort for an entire week for my wedding takeover?

A: Oh no, not at all. For any ‘Take Over’ (when someone books the entire resort to reserve it for their own event/wedding) we require a small deposit/per day to secure your Take Over, and with a 2-day minimum. If all you want is 2 nights, that’s fine.

Most weddings book the entire resort for Fri and Sat evenings and most of their guests arrive Friday at some point. Sometimes the happy couple and perhaps a select few of their more helpful friends and relatives book an extra night or two beforehand, depending on what their needs are. They can come early to enjoy the resort and relax for a bit before starting their transformation and setup of the resort spaces. They might start moving furniture and doing setup so when the rest of the guests arrive on Fri for decorating, they are ready to go!

Sometimes the bride and groom will stay an extra day or two after the wedding as well, depending on whether they are leaving for their honeymoon elsewhere. It’s totally up to you how long you book the entire resort, or just a room or two, outside your Take Over times.

And then there are those couples who have just a few close friends to witness their day. If you don’t need the entire resort, book just enough rooms to keep you and your guests comfortable, and we’ll help you create a little piece of paradise for your celebration that won’t impede on the rest of our guests and vise versa.


Q: Do you provide catering?
A: No, we are a Self-Catering resort, which means you bring your own food and drink, including alcohol. We have a communal kitchen and outdoor cooking spaces that all of our guests use. So, when you and your guests are at Footprints, you’ll either need to feed everyone all meals or have them bring their own food or a combination of this.

Is there someone in your family who loves to cook and feed others? Perhaps ask them to cook/provide a meal for everyone Friday night… we have plenty of BBQ’s around the grounds, so perhaps BBQing burgers and dogs would be an easy and economical solution to feeding everyone. Same thing for breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings. How about providing a continental breakfast for your guests? Muffins, cereals, yogurt, and fruit may be enough for your crew, or perhaps another guest could be pressed into serving a hearty breakfast.

As for catering for your wedding meal, again, you can provide your own food, or hire a caterer. There is a great caterer right in our neighborhood who has worked with us on a number of occasions and we’d be happy to share their contact with you.

If you are serving any alcohol to your guests that they did not bring themselves, you’ll need a Special Occasion Permit, which is easily attainable here.


Q: How many people can we invite to our wedding?

A: We can sleep a maximum of 60 people in our rooms, villas, and cabins, and can accommodate several tents and RV’s if you and your guests don’t mind camping. If you have many more than this, consider additional accommodations at one of the motels in town 15 minutes away, an AirB&B, or even renting a large family cottage nearby that a larger group can stay at and commute together.

Our reception hall can seat 80 comfortably, but if we get creative, we can seat 100 for a meal. Event Tent rentals can increase your seating. We have had weddings that were a bit less formal, with a buffet line in the lounge and the guests spread out and sat wherever they liked… on the deck, on the beach, by the tiki bar, in the Dome, by the campfire, just about anywhere. This way, if you have a larger wedding or prefer a less formal approach to dining, there are options.


Q: Your resort is Adults Only. What if we have kids on our guest list?

A: If it’s a Take Over (meaning, no other guests other than yours) then you may bring your little ones with you. But please understand that the resort is designed and set up for Adults Only: There are no amenities or safety features specifically for kids. You should consider bringing a teen or someone specifically to watch over and entertain the little ones as the adults are often distracted and we’d hate it if something were to happen.

Q: What are your options for the reception?

A: Wherever you want to have it! Most people get married by the lake, have a cocktail hour by the lounge/at the tiki bar while the wedding party is busy with photos. Then they move up to the Dome for the meal, speeches, first dance and the party afterward.

We have had a Beach Wedding, where the entire wedding took place on the beach, and everyone was barefoot. We lined up the BBQ’s by the beach so ‘Uncle Stan’ could attend the meat and a few of the Aunts provided salads, sides, and dessert. It was all served and eaten on the beach. We even moved sound equipment down to the beach so they could dance all night long. The dock and seating were well used that night! What a party!

But really, it’s up to you where you host what part of your event where. We are here to help you and to help make your weekend everything you dreamed of! So let us know how we can help you.

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