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Fall Is Fabulous at Footprints Resort

//Fall Is Fabulous at Footprints Resort

Fall Is Fabulous at Footprints Resort

Fall leaves around the lake at Footprints Resort

It’s fall once again, and the leaves are changing, the air has a chill to it, and the nights fall earlier. While Footprints Resort is enjoyed by most in the heat of the summer, fall is like an entirely different vacation destination!

There’s something cathartic about long meandering strolls around the grounds, kicking up fallen leaves. Smell the scent of fall on the breeze as you crush dried leaves underfoot. Look up and see blue sky peeking through the trees, which wasn’t visible just a couple of months ago. The light quality changes as more light filters through to the grounds below.

Mushrooms growing in shelves on a stump

Keep an eye to the ground and you’ll find more mushroom species than ever before. They grow on the ground, on dead wood, in piles of leaves, along the paths and even along the water’s edge. They appear in such abundance in the fall, sometimes creating a blanket of what looks like bubbles on the ground until you get closer. Some are round or globular, others are flat-topped. Some curl up into a chalice shape, catching dew in the morning. And others grow in a shelf outward from its host. There is one species that grows up like a finger, extends a delicate skirt around the bottom, then turns slimy and is gone within a couple of days.

Fall leaves across the lake

The trees that ring the far side of the lake are predominantly Evergreen trees, with the occasional deciduous tree throwing up some brilliant color. But even the evergreens change a bit. Their deep, brilliant summer greens turning a bit subdued or even bluish as they harden up to survive the winter.

A view of the fall leaves near the lake

The trees on our 10+ acres seem to be in zones. If you stand in the parking lot and look toward the lake, the trees in that area are predominately yellow, with all the birch and poplar trees. If you turn around and look at the top of the parking lot, it’s more oranges and rusts. Looking into the woods past the villas at the top of the property, there are much more rich reds and burgundy’s from all the maple trees.

Of course, fall means more manual labor for us as we rake and groom the grounds in preparation for the winter months ahead. But everything goes in cycles, and working in the crisp fall air is a pleasure after the heat of the summer.

Fall is also a fine time for our nightly campfires. Bring along a blanket to cuddle under that you won’t mind getting smoky or perhaps a burn hole from embers. That little mark will remind you time and again of a romantic evening cuddling by the fire while on vacation.

So, if you’ve never vacationed in the fall, consider a trip to Footprints Resort soon, and see how different it is from your favorite summer vacation destination. You might be surprised how much you love it when it’s cool, too.


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