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Camping Packing List

//Camping Packing List

Camping Packing List

Group of people around a campfire at night with tents in the background

Heading to Footprints Resort to camp, but not sure what you’ll need? Here’s a handy packing list for campers!

-Something to sleep in: tent, trailer, RV (plus tarp(s) if tenting)

-Bed, bedding, pillow

-Towels – for the beach, pool, hot tub, and showering

-Toiletries – shampoo, conditioner and body wash are provided -bring everything else you’ll need, including medications and pain relievers (there is a first aid kit with bandages in the lounge)

-sunscreen, bug repellent, After Bite

-clothing- including bathing suit, and something warm if the nights are cool

-wide brimmed hat

-Food – we supply ketchup, relish, mustard and a few dry spices. Bring everything else you’ll need, including cooking oil, bbq sauce and butter if needed

-Drinks – Coffee and sugar are supplied. Pack your favorite drinks: alcohol, mix, juice, pop, bottled water (our tap water is perfectly fine for drinking), tea bags, milk or cream for your morning coffee. No glass on our resort, so no beer bottles – buy cans instead (There’s a blender and an ice machine if you want to make blender drinks as well!)

-Travel mug or drink container- with a lid is great to keep bugs out – if you brought drinks in glass, please pour them into a plastic cup (don’t carry glass around the resort) (Our coffee cups are rather small and some people like to bring a big mug for their morning caffeine fix.)

-cooler – we suggest transferring your food to the fridges in the kitchen, then packing your drinks in your cooler so they are cold and ready any time

-charge cord for your phone – you can recharge it in the lounge – you’ll be taking tons of pictures and selfies!

-camp chairs for your site – perhaps a small table (plenty of seating on the beach and around the resort)

– an old blanket to cuddle under by the campfire as the evenings might be chilly

-marshmallows, S’more’s fixin’s

-outdoor activities: football, frisbee, inflatable raft for the lake, a good book

-sturdy shoes for hiking

-fishing gear – no fishing in our private lake, but plenty of fishing at nearby lakes – can rent a boat with outboard motor nearby on Baptiste Lake for a day of fishing



What you don’t need (but may still wish to bring, and that’s ok!)

-dishes, cooking supplies (pots, pans), cutlery

-dishwashing station

-bbq, camp stove (there are numerous BBQs at the resort, and include propane)

-dining shelter, table

-lounge chairs other than for your camp space

-your own non-motorized boat (canoe, kayak, etc)


What you shouldn’t bring

-children, pets

-firewood – we supply plenty of FREE firewood for our 3 firepits (no ground fires)

-motorized boats, ATVs, etc (unless you will tow them to another location to use)


Be ready for the quickest camp setup of your life! Then pour a drink, grab your beach bag and head to the lake to start a camping vacation that you’ll want to return to again and again!


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