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19 Reasons Why You Need a Footprints Vacation This Summer

//19 Reasons Why You Need a Footprints Vacation This Summer

19 Reasons Why You Need a Footprints Vacation This Summer

  1. Silhouette of two people 2 meters apart1. Cabin Fever – ready to snap – and may already have
  2. Want to reconnect with your partner with no distractions
  3. Want to reunite with your adult family or friends
  4. Missed the tropical vacation you had planned this winter
  5. Need a tan
  6. Need a break from the kids before you snap
  7. Need to stretch your legs in a place that is not your neighborhood
  8. Want to meditate, do yoga, birdwatch, or read a book uninterrupted
  9. Want to look down and not see sidewalk chalk on driveways
  10. Have vacation time to use up
  11. Look forward to a nice long, leisurely drive since you’ve saved so much money in gas recently
  12. Deserve a reward for homeschooling your kids (and you do!!)
  13. Want to stretch your body in ways it’s not been able to while working from home – hiking, biking, canoeing.
  14. Want to convene with nature – not with Zoom
  15. Need a break from Netflix
  16. Need to breath deep and not worry about wearing a mask to do so
  17. Need a break from responsibility
  18. Want to feel normal again, even if only for a weekend or a few days through the week
  19. Deserve to getaway after holding it together for so long


And because Footprints Resort is situated on its own private lake with 10+ acres of resort space plus literally hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails nearby, you’ll have no trouble social distancing from others.


Each accommodation type has a fridge to keep your perishables cool so guests can eat right in your room. The Villas each have a BBQ on its deck for personal use as well. The motel-style rooms also have a microwave and coffee maker so quick and simple meals can be made without any contact with others. Not to mention the Casita, with its kitchenette and sitting room – perfect for a reunion with your best friends or to treat your parents to a weekend away.


With our eye on providing a relaxing and romantic atmosphere for our guests, the resort boasts many outdoor sitting areas around the grounds where guests can observe social distancing without feeling like they are doing so. Spend time on the beach, on the docks, on the lake or somewhere on the grounds… the sun and warm Ontario breezes are sure to wash away the stress of the past several months.


We know how stressful and trying it has been these past months as we social distance and self-isolate. We understand the desire to get out of your ‘new normal’ routine and treat yourselves to the break you deserve. As the government starts to lift restrictions on travel, Footprints is working hard to prepare for guests and to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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